I become a transparent eye-ball; I am nothing; I see all; the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part or particle of God.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Of Roses and Their Scent

I'm obviously quite in to composing music, to 'playing the piano', to speaking that curious musical language. It's one of my greatest passions- to sit down on that ridiculously unyielding wooden bench many times a day to let all of the frustration or scariness or confusion or yearning out of my person. Freeeeedoooooooom! (Braveheart quote.) (Just that last part, not the whole paragraph.) (Duh.)

Especially with my eyes closed! If you haven't played the piano with your eyes closed, I'm not sure if you've ever really played the piano. See, in quantum physics (on a very basic level), when you observe something, you change it. Sorta. It's weird! Like if you try to measure light as a wave, light acts as a wave. And if you try to measure light as a particle, light acts as a particle. Which is it?? Both, obviously, but it's only one at a time to the observer. I won't bring up Schrodinger's Cat. Even though I'm tempted to. Even though I really really want to. A              lot.

Pete! Don't do it.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Ok. Well, if you're looking at your hands while you're playing, you really know exactly what they're doing, don't you? BORING. But if nobody's looking, we can safely equate your hands with the infamous tree in the woods, eh? :)


But what I really enjoy, apart from the creation of music (organization of sound I think is more accurate), is the naming of the songs. I get such a thrill naming the songs! You know when you have a big surprise for someone you love to death and you're just dying to tell them, but you know you can't, you shouldn't, but you must?! And so you give them a hint. Not too big! Really as small as possible, except your Heart is trying to make the hint as BIG as possible, but your Reason is push-push-pushing it down into the depths of discretion... you know the feeling? That's the name of the song. Because music, although it expresses those behind-the-curtain emotions more aptly than any words, is by nature quite elusive when it comes to specifics. And so I just HAVE to give the world a hint. Just a tiny, tiny hint. And that's just thrilling. Because I can't hardly keep a secret at all, so my hints (and hence my song titles) end up being pretty obvious. To me. What's with people being so critical of themselves these days? Lighten up, Petey.

Take, for instance, my last album: Bygones Be. The whole album is pretty much about this one fat messy section of my life where I did a bunch of stupid things and then supplemented my stupidity with more stupidity and tried to rinse off the caked-up stupidity with stupid-water. I mean, pretty much. Hence, the title: Bygones Be. As in, "Let bygones be bygones." Let go! Is what I was saying. Because the past can't be changed, but the future can. What's the nifty quote that flies around the internet these days? "Your present is your future's past." Something like that. It means WAKE UP. If you want to change, change! Right now. Write it down. But don't sit on the couch wishing you hadn't done this, what would things be like if you hadn't done that, why can't you turn back the clock... if you sinned, repent- which means turn 180 degrees from your sin and start walking the other way! If you didn't sin, but you just regret the something you did or didn't do, write down the situation in your special-special-situation journal, write down what you regret, write down how you've changed your life so that those regrets are absolutely impossible to repeat, close your special-special-situation journal, and get to work. 

I'm blaming this new writing app I just downloaded (to help me focus) for all the wild tangents I'm going on. This post is like a doggone safari. 

So you take, for instance, Fruit Flies. That's a happyish-saddish sounding song in Eb. And you maybe can feel the emotion of it, if you've ever felt that particular emotion before, but you really haven't got a clue as to why it's named Fruit Flies. Here's the deal. You know that famous Groucho Marx quote*? "Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana." Always takes me a second to get that one. Fruit flies like a banana- and the song is about my cousin Hannah. Hannah Banana, but nobody calls her that except me, and only inside my own head. And she was graduating, so I decided to write her a little song. And that made me think how time really does fly.

Time flies + Hannah Banana = Fruit Flies, in Grouchian arithmetic.

I only write all this because what I'm most excited about in the release of the new album (besides the music, of course) is all you people seeing the names of the songs. Not because you'll understand them. Hardly anyone (maybe no one!) will. But for some reason it's still quite the thrill. 




* I know, I know, Well-Informed Reader. Groucho Marx wasn't the first to say it. But he made it famous, and if you know anything about American Culture, you know that it's always the Marxists that get famous :P

Apple Cider Vinegar

Of Course