I become a transparent eye-ball; I am nothing; I see all; the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part or particle of God.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The God App


Apps are so cool, right? They each have their little function, their little world you can enter at will. This one checks your email. This one takes pictures. This one entertains you. This one tells you the weather. It's so easy. I love recommending apps when I find a good one. Usually I stumble upon one of those really simple looking games that turns out to be next to impossible but strangely addictive and I immediately tell my sister Mary about it. "This is quite possibly the best app ever." And then by the time she downloads it, I have to tell her I deleted it. "Disgusting. So frustrating. Will probably never download an app ever again." Fickle app junkie. In fact, I eventually just had to have my wife lock down the App Store on my phone so I stop downloading so many apps. 

And what's the worst thing?? When an app keeps crashing. It's like, "Come on! You have so little to do, just do it perfectly, please!" You know what I mean? When you've got this app that you just know would be the most helpful/intriguing/entertaining/whatever app ever... but it turns out to be poorly made. Or your phone is poorly made. Something is poorly made. 


Apps are so handy when they work right. They give us so much more... control.


I recently had that happen with this app I like to call the God App. Highly recommended to me ever since I got a phone. Everyone seemed to have it. It was supposed to be the most helpful app ever. You just launch it when you're stuck in a problem, type in what you want to happen, and then poof! Everything just works out exactly how you wanted it work out. So cool. I got the app pretty early on, but it wasn't working so well on my phone. I mean-- I didn't need it very much. I was able to manage probably about 99% of my life, just launching the app every now and then, typing in my problem, waiting. But it didn't barely ever work! I mean, statistically, you could say it never worked. As I got older, more and more updates came out for the app from the developers. I installed them all! I was so wanting this app to work. I felt like if this app would just do its job, everything would be perfect. Ugh. So disappointing. I even upgraded my phone a couple times-- that's what I heard you had to do to get this app working. Whatever. Even thought about just deleting the app... nah, just stuck it in a folder and tried it every now and then. 


In the end, I found the best solution was to throw away the phone.

Practice Makes Perfect

There is no I in Piano